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Natalie Rokosz

Graphic Designer


Hello! My name is Natalie Rokosz. My last name looks nothing as it sounds, so just remember Hocus Pocus Rokosz and you will always pronounce it correctly. I am an enthusiastic designer always willing to learn new skills within the design industry. I work towards making each design unique, refreshing, and aesthetically pleasing. I have focused on letterpress and logo design, but have recently found a new love for package design! 

When I'm not designing, I love to watch movies, eat mint meltaways, or go mini golfing!  I love meeting new people and am always up for an adventure. 

I am a young and vibrant designer always willing to
grow in my designs, meet new individuals, and eagerly jump into the creative industry. I have big ideas and a growing passion for design that I cannot wait to share with the world. 

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