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About Me


My name is Natalie Neumann. I'm a girl who isn't afraid to share a million ideas or ask a bunch of questions, and I'm always determined to create the best design solutions possible.


My curiosity drives me to experiment, innovate, and work outside of my comfort zone – it's always pushing me in new directions to continue growing in the industry. With packaging and branding as my bread and butter, I love to develop strong visual concepts that bring a new visual presence to businesses and products. But seriously, don't underestimate my love for experimentation!


When I am not designing, you can find me daydreaming of my next vacation (currently Australia!), scrolling aimlessly through animal pictures on Instagram, and trying to find the best tasting chocolate. Looking for a new and exiting design for your brand or business? Please email me at I can’t wait to meet you and make your vision become a reality!

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